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All of us have dreams and hope of a better future. We always work towards achieving our predefined goals. How can we be sure about how life is going to pan out? The answer to this simple question is that it is impossible for us to know or even predict with 100% accuracy, how our life is going to be in the future. LIC helps you to have financial security no matter what happens in the future.

In this unpredictable life, unexpected things can and do happen all the time. For instance, you might have to repair your car or your house, or you can be suddenly out of job for reason, or you can simply have to fight different health issues. So, the best we can do is to be prepared for the unseen events. LIC may gives you a way to achieve that.

LIC policy can manage your financial risks in the following way:-

• Coverage Risk: If suppose you have insurance for a certain period of time, the renewal of your policy after its expiry is subject to underwriting. On the other hand, if you opt for a permanent insurance, your insurability is confirmed for a lifetime and thus you can avoid any sudden financial need of yours. Again if your insurance is given to you by your employer. It’s always best to have your own policy, in case you switch jobs.

• Debt or Business Risk: Your LIC policy can help you with the down payment of your new house, or in starting a new business or any other financial emergency which might be faced by you, once the cash value has been accumulated.

• Educational Expenses: With LIC policy, you can be free from the tension of the increasing educational expenses of your little ones.

• Health risks: LIC policies will provide for your medical expenses, if the need ever arises through special plans as introduced by a LIC from time to time..

• Longevity: After your retirement, LIC will provide you with some attractive pensions through their pension category plans..

• Tax Risk: Life insurance policies help in taxation purposes as well. Premiums paid by the policy owner are deductible from the taxable income of the policy owner under section 80 (C) up to a maximum limit of Rs.1,00,000 at present or as per prevailing Tax Laws.
Any proceeds from an Insurance Plan in form of maturity proceeds, claims, are exempt from Income Tax under section 10 (10) D of Income Tax law of India.

LIC policy is your key to a tension free life...
Where you do not have to constantly be worried about your financial expenses which might come your way in the future.



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